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Sentia™ Free SO₂ Analyzer

Less time in the lab

The Sentia™ Analyzer measures free SO₂ in post-fermentation red or white wine. With a rich touchscreen display and long re-chargeable battery life, the Sentia™ system makes it easy for you to get test results in under a minute, wherever and whenever you need.

And there’s more to come. Our team is working on more key wine analysis tests, so free SO₂ is just the beginning.


Takes less than
a minute

No calibration,
no reagents

Save on

Powered by
Universal Biosensors

A better way to test wine

To create the Sentia™ free SO₂ system, we created the Sentia™ free SO₂ Test Strip using our heritage in electrochemical technology developed in the medical device field. We then matched this to the hand-held Sentia™ Analyzer boasting a color touchscreen display and wireless connectivity.

Our goal was simple: take the pain out of free SO₂ testing. Make your own testing simpler and faster. No more sending samples to the lab waiting days for the data to come back. Just reliable test results you can collect yourself in under a minute.

Measure free SO₂ in 3 simple steps

You might be amazed how easy we’ve made it to go from a sample of wine to a free SO₂ concentration.
The three steps below are all it takes. 

1. Insert a Sentia™ free SO₂ Test Strip

2. Apply the sample

3. Read the result


Take Sentia™
everywhere you go

Sentia is light and portable. We’ve made sure it works just as well in your office as it does beside the barrel. With a footprint like your smartphone and battery life you can rely on, it is easy to carry wherever you need it.

Save on Costs

Save time and money

We’ve made sure Sentia™ can be used out of the box without any special training or skills. That means you can get the results you need on your own terms and in your own time.

Save Time

Results in less than a minute

Our goal was to take the time and hassle out of free SO₂ testing. A small sample drop delivered to the Sentia™ free SO₂ Test Strip will deliver a result in under a minute.

Results in less than a minute
No Calibration

No calibration No reagents*

Avoid messy, time-consuming calibration or reagent preparation*. Everything you need is packaged into the Sentia™ Test Strips and Analyzer so you can focus on the results that matter to you.

No calibration, No Reagents

*The Sentia™ Analyzer will need to be connected to Wi-Fi briefly, every three months in order to automatically acquire the latest calibration data for our Sentia™ free SO₂ Test Strip batches, although we recommend you connect whenever convenient.


Powered by Universal Biosensors

Universal Biosensors began its journey focusing on the research, development and manufacture of devices for the diagnostic point of care (POC) market using UBI’s core technology of a disposable, multi-layer test strip, which incorporates proprietary electrochemical sensing methods to rapidly and accurately measure different biomarkers in human blood.

Medical devices are where we started so we understand the importance of demonstrated accuracy, reliable performance and high quality. Now we want to bring everything we’ve learned to winemakers, cellar hands and lab technicians, putting the power of analytical chemistry into your hands.

ISO 9001 Certified


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“Sentia has been a fantastic tool for us. It’s fast and reliable, and ultimately means less time in the lab which is great for us as winemakers.”

Rollo Crittenden
Proprietor and Winemaker, Crittenden Estate

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Sentia™ Analyzer and Box

Sentia™ Analyzer

The Sentia™ Analyzer works with Sentia™ free SO₂ Test Strips to measure free SO₂ levels in post-fermentation red or white wine.

Sentia™ Free SO2 Test Strips Vial and Box

Sentia™ Free SO₂ Test Strips

Sentia™ free SO₂ Test Strips work with your Sentia Analyzer to measure free SO₂ in post- fermentation red or white wine. 

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