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Wine Analyzer

The power of a lab in the palm of your hand


Sentia saves time, is portable and needs no special skill.

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Save Time

Results in less than a minute

Our goal was to take the time and hassle out of free SO₂ testing. A small sample drop delivered to the Sentia™ free SO₂ Test Strip will deliver a result in under a minute.

Results in less than a minute
No Calibration

No calibration No reagents*

Avoid messy, time-consuming calibration or reagent preparation*. Everything you need is packaged into the Sentia™ Test Strips and Analyzer so you can focus on the results that matter to you.

No calibration, No Reagents

*The Sentia™ Analyzer will need to be connected to Wi-Fi briefly, every three months in order to automatically acquire the latest calibration data for our Sentia™ free SO₂ Test Strip batches, although we recommend you connect whenever convenient.